Juneng Insulation Material Co., Ltd located in Hengjiang Industrial Zone, Chashan Town of Dongguan City, the central of Zhu Jiang Delta and is only 50-60 kilometers to Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

 Juneng was founded by a group of specialists with years of manufacturing and selling insulation material experience. It has complete chain from science research, production to selling with subsidiaries of mineralwool material factory, phenolic foam factory,

  Phenolic foam factory has complete production technology from resin making, fluorine free foaming to computerized cutting, which is designed by our own. The product precision is + / - 0.5mm which fully meets international standard. The annual output is 5000M3.

  Juneng Rockwool Plant produces all types of insulation pipes of rockwool,glasswool and ceramic fiber.The annual production output is above 500 tons(40,000m3).The raw material is mainly provided by domestical well known suppliers.

  High density board plant produces high density rockwool and glasswool boards of 100 200kg/m3.The board thickness varies from 2mm to 25mm.Annual output is up to 100000m2.

  Insulation material selling division and installing division.  The mineralwool material factory of Juneng produces all types of insulation pipes of rockwool, glasswool, ceramic fiber with annual output up to 5000 tons (40,000 M3) or above. Our raw material supplier is also well known domestically.

  Insulation material sales division involves business of rockwool,glasswool,ceramic fiber board,blanket and other insulation materials such as PE,PU, plastics, calcium silicate, compounded silicate, foamed asbestos and other complementary materials used in insulation project. Our selling division is engaged in providing complete and high quality service to our customers.

  Insulation project installation division provides complete service to customers, like designing, installing and technical consulting, etc.

Striking for the best,Juneng strictly follows ISO9001,and provide high quality and economic products for both domestic and overseas customers.
  Nowadays,most of our prouducts are exported to Europe,USA,Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other Northern American countries. Due to the high quality and good service, our products are warmly welcomed supported by customers of both domestic and overseas. Following the principal of Quality the first,Unremitting improvement, Juneng is trying every effort to be the best and provide our customers with high quality products and complete service.